Keelung Museum of Art

Keelung, with its unique geographical environment, is an excellent deep-water port. For a hundred years, it has been an important international trade gateway for Taiwan. As Taiwan’s national gate and entrance, Keelung serves as an exchange hub for high-quality goods from various countries and local regions through its port. In addition to material exchanges, Keelung is also a vibrant stage for cultural integration and coexistence. Since 2021, the Keelung City Cultural Affairs Bureau has transformed the 1st to 3rd floors of the Keelung Cultural Center into the Keelung Museum of Art. Located near the Formosa Square, it serves as an important cultural and artistic destination for future tourists and the general public in Keelung. As the first art museum in Keelung, it aims to introduce excellent domestic and international art exhibitions with the concept of “port”, while also nurturing local artists and works. The museum seeks to become a platform for the exchange of aesthetic energy, integrating art into daily life through accessible and enjoyable experiences. By walking into the museum, people can enter a realm of aesthetic enjoyment, where they can absorb and participate in art in their daily lives. This allows visitors to have an intimate connection with this unique and beloved city.