Keelung Art Museum Premiere Exhibition | The Keelung I Remember—Keelung Art Museum

Keelung’s new hotspot in 2024, the Keelung Art Museum has been transformed into a gorgeous one. Do you know its past and present life?

Keelung Public Hall

The Keelung Art Museum was originally the Keelung Public Hall, the first public hall in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. It was used by Keelung Japanese people to gather and hold activities. Later, under the reconstruction and operation of the Keelung Public Welfare Society, the public hall gradually expanded into a public space for citizens, playing an important role in transmitting culture. . However, it was damaged by US bombing during World War II and was rebuilt into Zhongzheng Hall in 1957.

Keelung Cultural Center

In 1980, in compliance with the twelve construction policies to establish cultural centers in every county and city, the Keelung City Government demolished Zhongzhengtang and spent 5 years to build a new Keelung City Cultural Center (Keelung Cultural Bureau), equipped with showrooms, arts and cultural centers. Gallery, Municipal Library and Keelung Story Hall, etc., are important cultural activities and art performance venues in Keelung City. For example, the 42nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony in 2005 was held here.

Keelung Art Museum

The Keelung Cultural Bureau has been in operation for nearly 40 years, and its internal facilities have gradually become outdated and out of use. In order to provide a more comfortable visiting space for the public, it will undergo large-scale renovations for the first time in 2021 to transform it into a modern art museum space. The building retains the only palace-style staircase in a domestic cultural center, and opens up the first floor to make circulation smoother. It is also divided into two areas: “Keelung Performing Arts Center” and “Keelung Art Museum” based on different artistic fields.
“Unremembered” (bē-kì-tit) is the opening exhibition of Keelung Art Museum. It takes Keelung’s local history and culture as its main theme and displays artistic creations of different forms and styles. It will be held in a brand-new exhibition space on April 12. We will bring you a different visiting experience than before.
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